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The all-new Golf and GTI made their U.S. debut at the 2009 New York International Auto Show. Both vehicles feature an all-new exterior design, improved interior refinements and the sixth generation Golf comes to the U.S. market with the option of the award winning 2.0 TDI clean diesel engine.

With a simple, universal, and unmistakable look, the exterior of the Golf and its hot hatch sibling GTI offer a modern version of the classic original. On sale in the U.S. in fall of 2009, they bring to the market a refined and sporty appearance and industry leading powertrains that provides power and style in a versatile and efficient package.

For 2010, the Golf will feature the optional 2.0 TDI clean diesel engine, which produces 140-horsepower at 4000 rpm and an impressive 236 lbs.-ft. of torque between 1750 and 2500 rpm, bringing a no compromises alternative fuel driving experience to the all new Golf.
A perennial award winner, the GTI keeps the options that make it Volkswagen’s uber-hatchback while providing an updated look that redefines the classic hot hatch. The 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged four-cylinder engine comes standard with 200 horsepower and and 207 lbs.-ft. of torque; with the standard six-speed transmission or the optional six-speed DSG dual clutch transmission it proves to be more than capable at bringing the thrill to the daily commute.
Volkswagen has upped the ante with the interior refinement in the Golf and GTI. The Golf’s surfaces and features challenge the class distinctions of a small car, both to the touch and visually. The appearance and layout of materials leave the impression that one is actually sitting in a car of a much higher segment. The Golf and GTI continue to highlight Volkswagen’s commitment to offer affordable German engineered cars that are fun-to-drive.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 GTI

Like the original “hot hatch” icon that first appeared on U.S. shores in 1983, the 2009 GTI serves as Volkswagen’s shining example of what affordable, sporty performance looks like — and acts like.

With a starting price of $22,990, the latest GTI offers all the refinement and technology found on vehicles that cost thousands more. More than anything else, the GTI delivers an exhilarating driving experience — enhanced via a lowered “sport stance” suspension — that strikes directly at the hearts and souls of those with an affinity for the brand and authentic European engineering.


* Optional Autobahn package
* Standard equipped ESP
* 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged four-cylinder engine
* Upgraded 4 wheel disc brakes

Engine and Transmission

The heart of the GTI’s performance capability comes in the form of its 2.0-liter FSI turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a 16-valve DOHC gasoline powerplant with a high compression ratio of 10.6:1 and maintenance-free hydraulic lifters for smooth, worry-free operation.

The advanced, compact powerplant — a pocket rocket in its own right -- incorporates a fully electronic engine management system and includes drive-by-wire throttle control and FSI direct injection for optimal fuel delivery, which increases power and improves efficiency while reducing emissions.

Engineered to the GTI promise, the 2.0T engine produces 200 horsepower at 5100 rpm and 207 lbs.-ft. of torque between 1800 and 5000 rpm. When combined with a standard six-speed manual transmission, it takes the GTI from 0-60 miles per hour in 7.2 seconds and to an electronically governed top speed of 130 mph. Yet -- with redline at just 6,500 rpm -- power delivery is smooth and relaxed, evident by the 7.5-second acceleration from 37 to 62 mph in fifth gear.

With the six-speed manual transmission, the 2009 GTI delivers a very efficient EPA-estimated 31 mpg on the highway and 21 mpg in the city.

When equipped with an optional, advanced automatic DSG® transmission, the GTI travels from 0-60 mph in a mere 6.9 seconds without sacrificing efficiency. The EPAestimated fuel economy of the GTI with DSG is 29 mpg in highway driving and 22 mpg in city driving conditions.

Like the 2.0T FSI engine, the dual-clutch DSG transmission is one of the GTI’s technical highlights. It utilizes direct shifting that automatically engages and disengages gears without the need for a clutch pedal. A computer engages one clutch on the next gear that’s needed, just as it releases the other clutch from the previous gear. The shifts are seamless and happen without the power loss associated with a traditional clutched shift.

Launch Control, combined with the DSG transmission, helps get the GTI off the line a little faster and with a little more “show.” The Launch Control program allows the engine to rev before the first clutch is engaged. The result is a controlled wheel-spin at launch.

The DSG transmission gives drivers a choice of fully-automatic operation, with no further driver involvement necessary beyond selecting “D.” The advanced transmission also offers automated manual shifting for drivers who prefer to be more involved in the gear-change process. The DSG with Volkswagen Tiptronic® lets drivers shift gears up and down with a tap of the gearshift selector or finger-operated shiftpaddles mounted to the steering wheel.

Chassis and Suspension

Beneath the 2009 GTI is a fully independent, sports-tuned suspension, a refinement that enhances overall vehicle dynamics and the hot hatch’s cornering agility. The front suspension incorporates a proven McPherson strut configuration with lower wishbones; aluminum subframe for reduced unsprung mass; tubular stabilizer bar; and track stabilization steering roll radius that helps create a more direct steering ratio and reduces body roll tendencies in tight turns.

The sophisticated four-link independent rear suspension carries a separate spring/shock absorber arrangement; subframe; and tubular stabilizer bar — the result is an optimal marriage of sporty performance with enhanced rear seat ride comfort. The configuration also enables a larger rear hatch opening for more cargo.

Large disc brakes (312- x 25-mm front/286- x 12-mm rear) are nestled behind 17- inch alloy wheels and are showcased via red-painted calipers. The GTI continues its mission as a driver’s car with handling precision enabled via its electromechanical power rack-and-pinion steering system with a 15.6:1 steering ratio.

The system is tuned to ensure extremely good on-center feel, confident straight-line, and exceptional responsiveness to inputs that results in a connected-to-the-road feel. At the same time, it provides the added capability of active-return steering and straight-ahead driving correction assistance.

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Golf 2 crash test

OK, maybe Golf 2 is not the safest car, but I guess that all cars in the same class segment as Golf 2 had similar crash test results, and it was almost 20 years ago.